Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ottawa Arts Review Magazine

After a long awaited reply from the Ottawa Arts Review Magazine they have finally printed my issue. I am so excited! I am their featured artist for... well it was supposed to be august but I guess it's november? Lol w/e it comes out on monday and I'm hoping to get some scanned images of the actual magazine when they mail it :)!!

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Anonymous said...

o hai :D congrats again on the article! I managed to find the store that sells it O.K. butttt I found out the hard way that 'going to print' is different from 'available to purchase' :( my bad. (maybe you told me this and I was too retarded to figure that out:P) They said it's not going to be in until later this month/early next month :S (this is Marli btw..dunno if it'll let me use my LJ account to comment!)

I definately won't mind checking back, however, because the path I use to get to the store is REALLY pretty :D (lol xD)