Monday, May 28, 2012

Star Wars - Side by Side Collective

I present to you the next piece of the collective I am a part of called Side by Side Collective. In case you haven't already seen, click here. Our new project's theme was Star Wars. When I first saw this I got SO excited because I thought it would be a really fun opportunity to try something new. Also, it's Star Wars. Surprisingly, it was so hard for me to come  up with something. I think I was intimidated by the project due to the vast culture and story that it is made up of.

What I ended up going with was something that I knew I would enjoy drawing. An intergalactic drag queen, Aka, Queen Amidala.

I am quite please with how the image turned out. Based on the response from the image I may do more. Thoughts?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Burst of Spring!

This piece was inspired by a couch that my mother owns. It sounds strange but I am quite pleased with how this piece turned out. It was actually completed for Side by Side Collective. Please check us out by clicking the link below and follow us!

Side by Side Collective

Monday, May 14, 2012

Side by Side Collective

Hello bloggers! I am very pleased to announce the launch of a group collective of illustrators called Side by Side Collective! The group consists of myself, Sarah Vandenbrekel, and Michelle Woodward. Please click the link above and take the time to look at our work and follow us!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Prince Auto Sales

A few months back I was asked to design a sign/logo for a used automobile dealership. It was an interesting learning experience overall because I have never worked in such a large format before I learned a lot about how large format printing works. The business is just starting out but so far has been a profitable experience for the owner.

On the actual sign itself there was some information at the bottom that I never did (the phone number and the website) but the actual words Prince Auto Sales along with the tire and crown were illustrated/designed by me.

This was the original rough idea that I pitched back in January:

It was a skeleton to the final design that would ultimately be changed for the better. I have never done graphic design in this way of making notes on a print out but I found it to be very helpful. After many batches of roughs I came out with this:

The owner loved it but was concerned it wouldn't grab a driver's attention enough while driving down the road. So we finally decided to make the PRINCE be a full yellow colour and make a larger space between AUTO and SALES. This is the final:

Below are pictures of the sign being put up. Again, the website and phone number were added on after and were not done by me: