Friday, May 4, 2012

Prince Auto Sales

A few months back I was asked to design a sign/logo for a used automobile dealership. It was an interesting learning experience overall because I have never worked in such a large format before I learned a lot about how large format printing works. The business is just starting out but so far has been a profitable experience for the owner.

On the actual sign itself there was some information at the bottom that I never did (the phone number and the website) but the actual words Prince Auto Sales along with the tire and crown were illustrated/designed by me.

This was the original rough idea that I pitched back in January:

It was a skeleton to the final design that would ultimately be changed for the better. I have never done graphic design in this way of making notes on a print out but I found it to be very helpful. After many batches of roughs I came out with this:

The owner loved it but was concerned it wouldn't grab a driver's attention enough while driving down the road. So we finally decided to make the PRINCE be a full yellow colour and make a larger space between AUTO and SALES. This is the final:

Below are pictures of the sign being put up. Again, the website and phone number were added on after and were not done by me:


LizzyB said...

Great Job Kyle..

LizzyB said...

Looks great Kyle