Monday, May 28, 2012

Star Wars - Side by Side Collective

I present to you the next piece of the collective I am a part of called Side by Side Collective. In case you haven't already seen, click here. Our new project's theme was Star Wars. When I first saw this I got SO excited because I thought it would be a really fun opportunity to try something new. Also, it's Star Wars. Surprisingly, it was so hard for me to come  up with something. I think I was intimidated by the project due to the vast culture and story that it is made up of.

What I ended up going with was something that I knew I would enjoy drawing. An intergalactic drag queen, Aka, Queen Amidala.

I am quite please with how the image turned out. Based on the response from the image I may do more. Thoughts?



M said...

"apart of" would mean that you are not a part of the collective. That is my thought.

Kyle said...

Haha only you Mike. I will fix it just for you ;)