Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a {Travis}ty!


So the new issue of travis magazine came out. The cover looks really awesome but alas, done by an animation student. Yet the issue is called the 'illustration' edition. I don't know if I agree with opening up the magazine to animation students... a lot of the professors were rather displeased with it. A lot of students work got blown up too big and became pixalated while others, myself included, had their work cut up in the gutter of the page.

Like it's an honor to be published in the magazine in the first place and I'm very grateful but it sucks that my image was destroyed by the gutter. Why would the person who was in charge of the layout of these pages do that? The entire concept of my image is in the woman's face... there isn't really much of a point to it if it's just going to be cut out... I dunno.

- END OF RANT - lol

Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Updates In One Week?! *gasp*

This week has been rather interesting. I managed to get a lot of painting done for assignments I didn't know I had until the very last minute. Oh well. So this week we had the choice of two articles: a heavy metal lovin' conservative and a man who rants about online dating. I was originally going to do two because my prof is taking these images to the National Post and they could potentially be published. Therefore I knew that I needed to bring my A game to this assignment. Unfortunately I didn't get around to doing a second image because a) I ran out of time and b) I thought that if I was going to submit two, they were going to be two GOOD images, not one good and one bad lol.

Here's what the online dating one would have looked like (sorta)
Here's what I ended up going with:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook Friends

Most recent assignment for Magazine class. We were to illustration four 7”x7” spot illustrations of different facebook friend archetypes. We were given a list of 10 and we had to choose 4.

'The Self-Promoter'

'The Friend-Padder'

'The Town Crier'

'The Lurker'