Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's a {Travis}ty!


So the new issue of travis magazine came out. The cover looks really awesome but alas, done by an animation student. Yet the issue is called the 'illustration' edition. I don't know if I agree with opening up the magazine to animation students... a lot of the professors were rather displeased with it. A lot of students work got blown up too big and became pixalated while others, myself included, had their work cut up in the gutter of the page.

Like it's an honor to be published in the magazine in the first place and I'm very grateful but it sucks that my image was destroyed by the gutter. Why would the person who was in charge of the layout of these pages do that? The entire concept of my image is in the woman's face... there isn't really much of a point to it if it's just going to be cut out... I dunno.

- END OF RANT - lol

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