Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Request for urgent business relationship"

Most recent assignment for interpretive class. The purpose of the assignment was to create a narrative series of illustrations that examine and develop the characters inhabiting the world of Nigerian Fruad email. If you aren't familiar with these emails perhaps you can check your inbox for those pesky "business proposals" where you have been informed of winning $1,000,000 + dollars. Apparently some people have actually fallen for these and some people have ended up dying as a result? I'm not positive on that one so don't hold me to that.

We could interpret in any way we wanted it. Some people went really abstract while others went for a more obvious approach. Either way, it was a fun project. An interesting way of taking something that I may have thought was a bit boring at first and turning into something I really enjoy =)! My story was based on a woman from the UK trying to steal my identity by asking for my SIN number, bank info, etc. because I won the lottery and I she needed to transfer the funds lol. In reality, she's trying to steal my identity. So here is my solution:

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