Thursday, August 4, 2011

Homegirls - Nellie McClung

This is my piece for the homegirls show at Pentimento gallery. The show's theme is about Canadian women throughout history. Throughout the month of august, there will be votes designated to the the choice image to be put up as a mural on the side of the gallery.

I chose to illustrate Nellie McClung. For those who are unaware of whom she is, Nellie McClung was a activist for female rights. She was a member of the famous five and fought for the acceptance that women are persons. Among many of her accomplishments, I chose to portray the groundwork she laid out so women could vote.

If you are in Toronto, please check out the show and don't forget to vote!

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Beth Kennedy Illustration said...

Great piece, Kyle; I saw it in Pentimento when I dropped my piece of and thought it was beautiful...loved the palette!