Monday, August 13, 2012

New Business Cards!

After about a two and a half week wait my business cards finally arrived! I realized that I was still running on my old cards that I rushed before my grad show a year ago. I knew that with the whole re-vamp of my website, new business cards needed to come, too. So let me take you on a little presentation adventure:

I was told by UPS I would have them by Friday but I knew that wouldn't happen. I had to go to an art show that evening and it would have been nice to have but hey, tis life. Come Monday morning I knew that I would have them in hours. I also desperately needed a shower so I figured I would hop in super fast. Of course, they came at that time. Luckily someone was here and got the package. PHEW! As I ran downstairs this is what I see.

I took scissors to it and opened the box with care. I was holding my breathe at this point because I knew that if they didn't turn out I would have to order a new batch. But to my delight I saw the card sitting on top and I knew that they had printed to my exact expectations.

I couldn't be happier with the results. I mean, there's owls on my business cards. Can it get any better?

Below is the digital version of the cards. Front and back:

If you haven't seen v.2.0 please have a look: W e B s I t E


Jori Bolton said...

Those are so fun! They look great.

raj kumar said...

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